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About Fosieby – in English

Fosieby Företagsgrupp actively works to strengthen its member enterprises, promote collaboration and drive growth and development. We welcome companies operating in Fosieby, Jägersro, Fredriksberg, Elisedal, and Lockarp, as well as other companies with an interest in the area. A variety of businesses meet here, with emphasis on industry, manufacturing, logistics, and trade.
With the group as the platform, we connect, exchange ideas and experiences, collaborate on various projects and create opinion for a living and growing Fosieby. We can also assist in contact with external actors and authorities. You are warmly welcome to our meetings and events.

Already 4,000 years B.C., flint axes used for forest felling were produced at this location, which is also reflected in the street names of Fosieby. The runestone of Fosieby, Malmö’s only known runestone, was erected in memory of an ancient warrior and testifies to the area’s historical inheritance. Some of the rune text can even be interpreted as referring to trade that was conducted here during the Viking Age.

Today, Fosieby is a thriving area with activities that extend far beyond the local sphere. We take advantage of our location in a rapidly growing dynamic region, where Skåne and Sweden meet the continent. Through Fosieby Företagsgrupp, more than 200 members join together, representing over 13,000 jobs.

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